Conferences | Team building | Incentive | Special events

A successful organization of an event depends on a strategic planning, from defining the profile of the event, the profile of the participants and continuing with the establishment of the budget and finally the elaboration of the plan of action.

For a successful planning of an event, we engage ourselves to offer you the following services:

  • We create concepts and personalized themes for each and every corporate event depending on the client’s objectives;
  • We confer counseling in choosing the right location for the event in accordance with the theme and the number of participants;
  • We offer accommodation and transport services by mutual agreement with the client;
  • We provide catering services;
  • We contract the preferred providers and we negotiate preferential prices for all the specific services for the event;
  • We assure the graphical creation and production of the personalized materials, in accordance with the general notion of the event;
  • We assure quality management to deliver consistent, measurable results aligned with business objectives ;
  • We join all the elements necessary for the event (props, costumes, elements necessary to decorate the location, personalized gifts)for the established concept;
  • We coordinate and supervise a good development of the involved services (accommodation, meal, transportation, entertainment etc.) for each and every event;
  • We assure assistance during the development of the event in order to coordinate all the elements involved;
  • As a follow-up, we carry out the final evaluation and we offer feed-back to the client.

What recommends us as an optimal solution in achieving excellent results is the flexibility, the promptness and the quality of the services that we can offer you! Together we will collaborate in establishing all the specific details for each of the events and we will ensure its total success.


Conferences offer a unique opportunity to develop professional relationships. Experts, presentations, speeches, exhibitions and social events, all offer the opportunity to interact with leaders and innovators in your field of interest.

No matter whether we are talking about a meeting with the press, with the employees, a conference with sales force or a conference of distributors, such a meeting is always very important.

Therefore, it requires a suitable location, an exceptional organization, quality audio-video equipment, a catering service to match.

The purpose of a conference is that of having a strong impact on guests

Team building:

Team-buildings represent an important tool in the life of a company helping to increase communication, the level of trust and motivation of the employees.

Our agency will provide comprehensive programs for outdoor and indoor activities and also services, including accommodation and transport.


Incentive campaigns represent one of the most efficient marketing and HR tools in order to maximize sales performance, reward performers and create brand loyalty..

Special Events:

On one hand, J. Goldblatt defines the special event as being ‘a unique moment in time, celebrated as a particular ceremony to meet special needs’. On the other hand, Dr. Getz, in ‘Event Management and Event Tourism’ speaks about special events as the opportunity of new cultural and social experiences, beyond everyday experience.

Special events have certain specific characteristics: uniqueness, quality, authenticity, status, memorabilia, motivational force, providing a complete experience, projected on a theme and creative resources, also having a rational basis.